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Ionic/Colloidal Silver

Ionic/Colloidal Silver

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Ionic Silver and Colloidal Silver are similar.

Ionic Silver

Ionic Silver is best for eyes, ears, nebulising and applying topically to the skin.

Eyes: Use dropper to put a drop in each eye 2-3 times per day. Great for conjunctivitis (pink eye).

Ears: Use dropper to put a few drops in each ear 2-3 times per day.

Lungs: Add 2ml Ionic Silver to the cup of your nebuliser. Use 2-3 times per day. Can be used hourly if needed.

Skin: Put some Ionic Silver on a band aid or other absorbent dressing and cover affected area. Change dressing regularly. Alternately, you can bathe the area in Ionic Silver a few times a day. Click here for videos and detailed instructions on how to nebulise Ionic Silver.

Ionic silver may be used hourly for acute issues.


Colloidal Silver

Best for oral ingestion, nasal, enema and douche.

Oral: Take 1 tsp daily.

Nasal: Put the Colloidal Silver in a nasal sprayer and use 1 spray 6-12 times per day.

Enema: Add 2 tsp to a warm water enema.

Douche: Add 1 tsp Colloidal Silver to 1 cup warm water douche.

Please note: True Colloidal Silver should be an amber/yellow colour. If the colour changes, it has gone off and should be discarded.

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