We believe that your body is capable of fighting infection and disease itself, when it is provided with the right support.  While conventional medicine is preoccupied with treating the symptoms of a disease or illness, Natural Health Care adopts a holistic approach to healthcare and places your overall health as the number one priority.

Between your first and second visits, we will finalise your test results, do any necessary research about your health situation, and collate your Comprehensive Report.

When you return for your second visit, we will go through our recommendations for you.  You will receive your comprehensive report detailing test results, recommendations, lifestyle suggestions and frequently asked questions.

An example:  A client had red, itchy skin.  She had been receiving treatment (creams) for years that kept her skin almost under control, but her skin kept erupting every few months.  On doing a Hair Analysis, we discovered she had toxic levels of mercury in her system.  After 6 weeks of detox supplements her skin problems resolved.

Intelligent testing is the key

We use a variety of tests to locate hidden issues that may be causing your health challenges. Using these tests means we can target your specific issues rather than guessing and possibly spending many months of costly trial and error.  We conduct certain blood tests, urine and saliva tests in the clinic and go though them with you in real time.  We also use lab tests for more in depth analysis of your health issues.

Click here for more information about functional testing.

On your first visit we will spend time going through your complete medical history and discussing what you want to achieve. We will also do some important tests including: Blood Test, Urine and Saliva Test (Biochemistry), Zinc Test and Eye, Tongue and Nail observations to determine your current health challenges. Our focus is on you - the more we discuss, the better we will be able to tailor your treatment to your needs. We may also order additional tests to determine how well your body is functioning. Common things we test are: hormones, genes (MTHFR and others), liver function, digestive system, parasites and food allergies/sensitivities.  If you have any test results, please bring them along to your initial consultation. 

We do appointments in person, via online video, or telephone.

Online video has opened up Naturopathy Consultations to people in remote areas. It’s also very useful if you’re not well enough to travel or are in lockdown. It’s almost the same as being in the same room.

We organise testing from local labs for online video and telephone appointments. Usually we’ll have an initial appointment to go over your issues. We’ll discuss the necessary tests with you. Then we’ll order the tests from a lab near you. Some tests can be done by mail. Urine tests will be posted to you. You take a urine sample at home and mail the specimen to the lab. Other tests require blood samples. You go to the local pathology lab for the blood to be taken, then the lab emails the results to me.

Once we have the results, we’ll then get together online for another chat to go over them. Supplements can then be made up and posted to you as required.

This is available not just in Australia, but in most countries worldwide! So far I’ve worked with clients in the US, Switzerland, South Africa, Indonesia and Ukraine.