• Which diet is best for you?  High carb, low carb, Paleo, Mediterranean, Raw food, vegetarian, or something else?

    There are many diets, and most of them are "one size fits all". The problem with this approach is that we are all different.  Our genes influence our ideal diet to a large extent.  Most diets and even "healthy" eating guidelines fail to take our individuality into account.

    Turn to a Nutritionist to help identify the diet you’ll be best on

    Traditional diets have shown our staff there is not one best diet. Most people from traditional cultures have no significant degenerative diseases when they consume their traditional diet. When they are persuaded to eat a "western" diet things like cancer and heart disease increase massively.

    For example, many people who currently inhabit tropical or equatorial regions have a strong hereditary need for diets high in carbohydrates such as vegetables, fruits, grains and legumes. Their systems are simply not designed to process or utilise large quantities of animal protein and fat.

    Conversely, people from cold harsh northern climates are not genetically equipped to survive on light vegetarian food. They tend to burn body fuel quickly, so they need heavier foods to sustain themselves. Eskimos, for example, can easily digest and assimilate large quantities of protein and fat - the very types of foods which would overwhelm the digestive tracts of people from, say, the Mediterranean basin.

    The bottom line is that a diet considered "healthy" in one part of the world is frequently disastrous for people elsewhere in the world. Therefore, it makes no sense to simply diet along the broad lines of the most common diet fads. Speak the nutritionist at Total Health Clinic Central Coast to find a better angle which works for you.

    When we work with you, we tailor an eating plan that will work for your body, utilising genetic testing and other methods to determine your ideal diet.  Many people are pleasantly surprised to find that some of the things they crave, (often discouraged by so called "healthy" eating guidelines) are actually the foods that their body will thrive on.

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