• It is recognised by the tender spots throughout your body, the relentless pain. It’s felt in the tingling fingertips, the morning stiffness, the fatigue, and the pervasive headaches. Fibromyalgia is a very real but often seen as a hard-to-diagnose condition. It’s debilitating and affects scores of Australians each year, most of which are women.

    Total Health Clinic provides comprehensive holistic fibromyalgia relief treatment to patients on the Central Coast.

    What is fibromyalgia?

    Medical practitioners are often cautious to diagnose patients with the disease. When they do, they often resort to prescribing strong pain medications to treat the symptoms, rather than finding more holistic approaches to soothe and improve the condition for the patient by addressing the cause. Because it’s not an easy-diagnose, easy-treat condition, many sufferers find themselves misunderstood or dismissed by their medical practitioners.

    Our fibromyalgia relief treatment

    At Total Health Clinic we believe that fibromyalgia is best approached with the natural and holistic treatment form that is naturopathy. From making measures to improve your gut flora, to strengthening your immune system, to detoxing, to facilitating an optimised sleep pattern, and more, naturopathic remedies allow your brain and body to reduce stress hormones and grow stronger and more resilient without prescription medication.

    We also provide numerous treatments for other ailments, such as sciatica relief, arthritis and more.

    Who are we?

    At Total Health Clinic we’re concerned with making our patients feel seen, heard, and recognised. From the moment you step though our doors you’ll experience a team of expert naturopaths who see you and are passionate about helping find solutions to make you feel better. With us your experience of fibromyalgia is valued and catered towards when finding the treatment solution that best works for you.

    Because no two patients suffering from fibromyalgia experienced the same symptoms and in the same way, nor should their treatments be the same.

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