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The 6 Root Causes of Low Energy and How to Stop Them

  • Hi, I’m Peter Donald and my passion is to help people overcome their health challenges.  I’m a Functional Medicine Practitioner, Naturopath, husband and dad.  I found the root causes of my low energy and I can help you do it too.  I love my job! If I had no bills to pay, I could happily talk to clients every day for free.

    I’ve helped over 700 people overcome their health issues.  I believe almost anyone can have good energy levels every day. The key is to find your root causes and address each one.  Then you can return to good health.

    I’m so confident I can help with your energy issues I give you a guarantee! Your Chronic Fatigue Solved or I Work FREE

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    I’ve helped many people struggling with low energy. I started to realise that there were a few things you need to be aware of. These made a difference to the final outcome…

    1. People try complementary medicine by taking a few supplements.  

    There are a few reasons why this approach often fails.

    • Your body needs good levels of critical nutrients AT THE SAME TIME.  If you want to bake a cake and you have 4 of the 6 ingredients needed, you can’t bake the cake.  Or if you do it won’t turn out very well 😊 

      Your body is the same.  Taking a few supplements here and there probably won’t achieve much.  You need to know, what to take, when to take it and how much is needed. This is important to get the results you want.
    • Not all supplements are the same.  For example, a common supplement is magnesium citrate.  It has an absorption rate of 15%.  It will do some good. You'll never be able to get enough to really top up your magnesium levels.  In my experience the vast majority of supplements use the cheap forms of nutrients.  This is great for the profits of the manufacturers. The results you get from them are just OK at best.  It’s critical you have the right supplements if you want great results.
    • Supplements are often taken to deal with symptoms.  If you want fantastic results, you must deal with your root causes.

    2. People are told “It’s normal to be tired”

    Allison came to see me because of fatigue and anxiety.  She was 42, with 2 children.  Her energy was so poor, some days she slept 3-4 hours in the middle of the day and then 8-9 hours at night.  Even when awake, she had to drag herself around.  She had no motivation to do anything but “the essentials”.

    She went to see her doctor and 2 different specialists.  Each one did lots of tests.  The results were “normal”.  She was told she’s fine.  That there’s nothing wrong with her.  That what she’s feeling is normal, and just to get on with life.

    This is a common story.  I hear variations of it from so many clients.  I’m here to tell you:


    Doctors usually rely on pathology testing.  This is testing for disease.  They’re looking for a diagnosis. A disease they can name. If you don’t have a “disease”, the advice is usually “There’s nothing wrong with you.”

    Allison and I arranged for some functional testing.  Functional testing looks at what is working well in your body and what isn’t.  We found Allison was low in some key nutrients. She had poor digestion and also detox issues.

    We started to work on Allison’s root causes.  She improved after a few days.  After 2 weeks she reported much better energy.  After 3 weeks she no longer needed her daytime nap.  At 11 weeks she was feeling so good she no longer needed to see me regularly.  Now she just checks in once every 12 months to make sure everything is still working well.

    3. Modern medicine tends to focus on one area of the body.

    It’s a massive myth to think that you can treat one part of your body and ignore the rest.  Many medical professionals focus on just one thing.  Have you ever seen a specialist?  They often forget that the body is a system of systems. That problems in any one area over time will cause issues elsewhere.  This is one of the reasons many people don’t get better.

    The key to robust good health is to find the root causes that are behind your health issues. Then we deal with them.

    Being tired all the time doesn’t need to be a life sentence.  There is a way…

    Living with chronic fatigue syndrome can be a “nightmare”… but it doesn’t have to be this way.

    It’s frustrating when you’re doing all of the right things, but you’re still not getting any better.  When more and more symptoms keep popping up.  You need answers but you're not getting anywhere with your current treatments.

    We understand.  We’ve been there.

    We can help you find the hidden places that need healing.

    The “sources” or “root causes” of your issues.

    When we find them and reverse them, your entire life will be changed.

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    We’ll explore your health history in deeper detail. We’ll identify the root causes of your issues.   We’ll personalise a treatment plan for you.

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  • Thank you Peter for giving my life back to me. I knew I had to do something when I started needing a small rest after even the shortest set of stairs, and a day with the grandkids was viewed with dismay. The changes, after only 6 months with you, were nothing short of miraculous...and the bonus of clearer thinking was something I wasn’t expecting but very much appreciate. Now I can easily keep up with the grandkids.

    — Gloria

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