• Allergies are becoming one of the most prominent and pervasive health issues threatening Australians. Treatment and even identification of allergies can be difficult since there are so many possible symptoms which could arise from a reaction and equally as many potential allergens (the triggering substance). A qualified naturopath such as Total Health Clinic Central Coast, with their holistic approach and broad range of medical experience, is an excellent fit for allergy testing.

    If you’re suffering from any of the conditions or symptoms associated with allergies, we would encourage you to make an appointment to be tested for allergies. Total Health Clinic offer both of the major testing methods used to detect possible allergies: IgE blood tests (previously called RAST testing) and skin prick testing. Our advanced IgE tests quickly assess your risk factor for a huge range of inhaled, environmental and food-based allergens. The results of these tests are quick and easy to read and will identify any common forms of allergy you might be suffering from.  

    Allergy testing is key with intolerances on the rise across Central Coast

    Studies have repeatedly shown rates of all common allergies to be on the rise in developed nations over the last decade. An estimated 1 in 3 Australians will suffer the effects of allergies at some point in their lives. While some of these cases manifest as complex allergy-related conditions such as asthma, eczema or hayfever, the most common and most rapidly growing set of allergic conditions are food intolerances. While it is easy to confuse the effects of other digestive or nutritional complaints with food intolerance, the severe Anaphylactic reactions resulting from these allergies are sending record numbers of patients to the emergency room. It is therefore vital to identify them where you think you might have one. 

    Take a holistic approach to allergies with a trained Naturopath

    While much concerning allergies and their new prevalence is still unknown to the medical community, we are becoming more aware of how complex our digestive processes are and how closely they relate to cases of food intolerance. The staff at Total Health Clinic are also trained nutritionists, and this breadth of knowledge allows us to consider all possibilities when investigating your potential allergies.

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