• Combining Bowen and Laser Therapies is an ideal treatment, and the team at Total Health Clinic Central Coast are strong believers in its ability to assist any person suffering from sciatic pain.  Sciatica, a painful and debilitating nervous condition, is one we treat almost every day.  Often characterised as a difficult and slow-healing condition, when we use our favoured holistic and natural approach, most people recover rapidly - often feeling significant pain relief from the very first treatment.

    I had been dealing with sciatica pain for well over a year. My MRI showed that it was due to 2 bulging discs. I have been through the gauntlet of adjustments, massage therapy, physical therapy and epidural injections, not to mention the plethora of pain medications and muscle relaxers (of which none have worked). My pain level was so bad that I was unable to walk at times. I was at the end of my rope. The pain was so bad it was spiralling me into one the biggest depressions ever.Then I was referred to Total Health Clinic! They treated my belly with a laser!! I thought I had wasted my money again but after 2 days the pain started to reduce. I have had 7 treatments in all and have no pain since the 5th treatment.
    — Viv

  • What causes sciatica?

    The Psoas muscle

    The psoas is one of the most common causes of sciatica.  Psoas attaches to 5 of your vertebrae - the bones in your spine.  In between each bone is a spinal disc, the shock absorbers of your spine.  These discs are like a very thick jelly. When the psoas muscle is tight, it compresses the discs, often causing “slipped”, bulging or herniated discs.  Nerves exit the spine in each disc space. If a bulging disc interferes with the nerve it may cause sciatic pain, tingling, burning or numbness.

    The good news is that by relaxing psoas, the spine and discs can return to their normal position and relieve your pain.  Some people find the pain is relieved immediately, others report it takes a few days for the pain to resolve. Even though psoas may relax immediately, it may take some time for the disc to ooze back into place.

    A tight psoas will often cause pain in other areas of your body as well as sciatica.  Back pain is common.  Neck and shoulder issues can also have a tight psoas muscle as their root cause.

  • The Piriformis muscle

    Piriformis is another common cause of sciatic pain.  In about 20% of the population, the sciatic nerve passes through the piriformis muscle.  If the muscle fibres are tight or knotted, it will squeeze the nerve, causing sciatica. If this is the cause of your pain, relaxing the muscle should relieve your pain.  Most people find the pain is relieved immediately when piriformis is the cause.

    Other causes of Sciatica

    Other things that may cause sciatica are not very common.  Sometimes the sciatic nerve may be “stuck” to a part of your body - behind the knee or ankle are two places I see occasionally.  The pain may be relieved by treating the affected area and releasing the adhering tissue. This kind of sciatic pain usually occurs in people who spend long periods of time in the same position, often sitting.

  • What happens during a sciatica pain relief treatment?

    We will do some assessments with you to determine what is causing your issues.  We will then discuss the best way to address these issues which may include a combination of Bowen Therapy, Myopractic and Laser Therapy.  Most people notice an improvement from the very first treatment. We find it usually takes 3-6 treatments in our Central Coast clinic to completely resolve most issues.

    Our treatment techniques are fast, gentle and don't require you to endure significant pain.  It mostly takes about 15 minutes of painless treatment for you to notice a significant improvement.

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    While Sciatica may result from the physical displacement or damaging of the vertebra, it is a mistake to believe that only surgery can address the problem.  Our motto is always "Treat the cause, not the symptoms".  By identifying the underlying cause of your sciatica, we can work together to resolve it as quickly as possible.

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