• Julie Donald - Homeopath

  • I first met Homeopathy when a friend told me to go to a free education weekend. “You’ll like it.”, she said. “It’s really helped me and my husband. I know it will help you too.”

    So, with curiosity and a little desperation mixed together, I went.  Surely something so seemingly simple wouldn’t be able to fix my problems.

    I was desperate to shift this ‘unable to focus’, and ‘not feeling connected to my family’. To rid me of ‘unexplainable pains in my body’, and general apathy to life.  

    I didn’t understand how it worked. But the results!  I was blown away.  It wasn’t a quick fix...but it was a permanent fix.  First to go was the disconnected feeling. I started to sleep better, and my energy started to increase. Over time my pains decreased until one day, I suddenly realised they were completely gone.

    Homeopaths Supporting You on the Central Coast

    I have since learned that Homeopathy is used through every stage of life by humans and pets.

    Homeopathy can help your:

    • Vague symptoms - where there are no identifiable causes of disease, but you feel out of balance, far from well. Where you know something is wrong even though you are told everything is fine.
    • Chronic complaints such as skin conditions, hormone imbalances, depression, headaches, behavioural problems, digestive disturbances, asthma, arthritis.
    • Acute complaints such as coughs, colds, earache, food poisoning, hangover, travel sickness, morning sickness.
    • First aid situations such as bites, stings, hives, injuries, trauma, shock.

    Homeopathy is about recognising that the whole person - (mind, body, and spirit) - is affected when you are ill. Homeopathy seeks to treat your whole person. The focus is not your diseased part or the sickness. The focus is on you. Homeopathic remedies strengthen your body to help it heal itself.

    Homeopathy has a well-documented history of use. It came to Australia nearly 200 years ago in the 1840s. A healing modality that has been used for more than 200 years. Still here and still used. Shows us how effective it has been and continues to be.

    What to Expect from Our Homeopathic Consultation

    Julie at Total Health Central Coast is here to help you. Your consultation takes approximately 1 hour. Information relating to your current and past symptoms will be discussed, and questions may be asked about your diet, sleep, lifestyle, past medical history, and about your mental and emotional wellbeing. Homeopathy offers you a quick, cost-effective treatment for many common conditions.

    To book a consultation, call Julie on 02 4320 6666, or simply book online today.