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The Central Coast Naturopath with a Truly Holistic Approach

Welcome to Total Health. Our philosophy behind every treatment is "Treat the cause, not the symptoms."

This is so important with every aspect of health care. Symptoms can be treated to give relief from your issues. The problem with treating symptoms is that one of two things will often happen:

  • The symptoms may return and you may need treatment over and over again, or
  • A different symptom may appear stemming from the same cause. It's often not obvious that different symptoms are coming from the same cause. For example reflux, heartburn, varicose veins, haemhorroids, sprains and strains may all be coming from the same cause.

We believe there is not one type of treatment that best treats every client.  This is why Peter has trained in many different modalities (Naturopathy, Nutrition, Bowen Therapy, Myopractic, Kinesiology, Nutrigenomics, Functional Medicine and others). We can offer the best treatment options for your issues. A great naturopath can see many paths to your health solution, and we are confident we can help anybody on the Central Coast and beyond. 

In your first appointment we will discuss your symptoms and then conduct testing to determine your underlying causes. After that we will begin working on your underlying issues.

Get in touch on 02 4320 6666 to learn what we can do for you!


  • Got allergies or intolerances?

    These are often caused by digestive or hormonal issues. If the underlying issues are resolved, usually the intolerances go away. This also applies to skin rashes and other reactions or outbreaks, such as eczema.

    Back pain? Sciatica? Neck issues?

    Bowen Therapy or Myopractic may be just what you need to assist you in your struggle with sciatica.

    Is it your time to Quit?

    We offer an effective Laser Quit Smoking Program.

  • Digestive Issues?

    Good digestion is fundamental to your health.  If you're not absorbing the nutrients from your food, your body will struggle to function properly. Naturopathy can also help with chronic digestive issues such as IBS.

    Lost your ZING?

    We work with you to find the hidden causes behind your low energy. By returning your body to a healthy state, we can assist you to feel like you're 20 again!

    Weight Loss

    Click here for details on our Weight Loss Program.

  • Stress? Anxiety? Depression?

    Many of your neurotransmitters (biochemicals that help your nerves to function properly) are made in your digestive system. If you're not digesting well, lots of other things in your body will not be functioning at their peak. By supporting digestive health, lots of other issues often resolve, even when they may not seem to be connected. Treating causes, not symptoms.

    Ready to start a family?

    We work pro-actively with you to achieve natural fertility. If you’re looking to build a family on the Central Coast, consult your naturopath for the best holistic health advice.

A word from our customers

“After seeing many doctors, naturopaths and other practitioners I booked in to see Peter and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made, Peter knew his stuff and put me on the right path and I didn’t have to buy loads of supplements that other doctors and naturopaths had prescribed.

I feel awesome and so does the whole family! Peter is honest, open and knows his stuff, I have recommended Peter to all of my family and friends and will always be my first point of contact for any health issues that we have."

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