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    Whether you want to get relief from simple health symptoms like nasal congestion or want to manage serious health concerns such as obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA), anxiety, and asthma, Buteyko breathing techniques can help you deal with the symptoms.

    Before we get started looking into the tremendous healing power of the Buteyko breathing method, it’s worth knowing what exactly it is.  

    What is the Buteyko Breathing Technique or the Buteyko Method?

    The Buteyko breathing technique is a form of physical therapy that involves the use of breathing exercises as an alternative and complementary treatment option for several health conditions especially asthma and respiratory-related issues.

    During the 1950s, Ukrainian doctor Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko first formulated its principles.  Dr Buteyko had extremely high blood pressure.  He used the breathing techniques to reduce his hypertension back to normal.  He found the technique was also useful for many other health issues.

    The Buteyko breathing exercises are based on the concept that “unconscious” or “hidden” hyperventilation is the major underlying cause of various medical conditions including asthma, anxiety, sleep apnoea, high blood pressure, and many more.

    The Buteyko method consists of several breathing exercises. The main exercise can be done while watching TV, reading, working on a computer, or various other activities.  You don’t need to set aside time to do the exercise.  The major focus emphasizes the importance of nasal breathing, breath control, and breath-holding exercises. 

    So, what are the health benefits of the Buteyko breathing method? Let’s have a look.

    Health Benefits of the Buteyko Breathing Exercises 

    The Buteyko method offers numerous health benefits ranging from simple symptoms to serious medical concerns.

    Here are a few benefits of the Buteyko breathing exercises.

    • Clear nasal congestion
    • Normalize breathing volume
    • Reduce risks of developing panic attacks
    • Eliminate mucus from lungs and air passages, therefore, reduce symptoms of asthma
    • Promote relaxation and reduce anxiety
    • Improve obstructive sleep apnoea
    • Increase blood circulation
    • Normalise high blood pressure

    Our modern fast-paced lifestyles often lead to sympathetic dominance. The sympathetic nervous system is the part of your brain that controls our fight/flight/freeze responses. If you’re crossing the road and there’s a big truck bearing down on you, it’s really important that your sympathetic nervous system turns on and you run out of danger. The problem is when the sympathetic nervous system stays turned on. When you’re in sympathetic dominance your breathing is fast and shallow.

    Your parasympathetic nervous system controls rest, digestion and relaxation. When your parasympathetic nervous system is dominant your breathing is slow and deep. This is what we want most of the time.

    Buteyko Breathing therapy helps to move your nervous system from fight/flight/freeze to rest/relax/digest.

    The Buteyko method is a way of retraining your breathing to turn on your parasympathetic nervous system and turn off your sympathetic nervous system. It helps you to create new, permanent breathing patterns.

    Signs and symptoms you might have if your breathing is not ideal include asthma, sinusitis, sleep apnoea, snoring, reflux, constipation or diarrhoea, anxiety, mouth breathing, frequent yawning, sighing, sniffing and snoring.

    The Buteyko course is like a breathing ‘boot camp’ with homework and daily practice to improve your breathing patterns. You need to practice daily for a period of time - maybe 1-2 months. After that your brain has reset your breathing patterns, these changes should be permanent. 

    Get Started with the Buteyko Method on the Central Coast

    The Buteyko method is a safe, natural, and effective way to get rid of many health conditions. But it doesn’t mean one can use these techniques casually. To get the maximum level of benefits of the Buteyko breathing therapy, you should seek direct supervision from a certified and licensed Buteyko therapist.

    Total Health is one of the most trusted clinics which offers effective Buteyko breathing therapy under the direct supervision of certified and experienced therapists in Central Coast. Apart from Buteyko breathing exercise training, we also offer many complementary and alternative medicine services including Naturopathy, Nutrition, Bowen therapy, Homeopathy, Laser therapy, and Non-invasive acupuncture.

    Total Health believes in the holistic approach, treating the patient as a whole, rather than only suppressing the symptoms. Therefore, we use integrated therapeutic modalities to eliminate the symptoms from their root causes.

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