• Combining Bowen and Laser Therapies is an ideal treatment, and the team at Total Health Clinic Central Coast are strong believers in its ability to assist any person suffering from back pain.  Back pain is a condition we treat every day.  Often characterised as a difficult and slow-healing condition, when we use our favoured holistic and natural approach, most people recover rapidly - mostly feeling significant pain relief from the very first treatment.

    Low back pain has been bothering me on and off for years. Sometimes I overdo it and other times it aches for no apparent reason. In the past I have gone to other practitioners - massage, chiro, physio. My friend referred me to your clinic.After receiving 2 treatments I can get down and play with my kids on the ground. I can do most daily activities without any pain. I can also get up and down off lounges and chairs without pain.I particularly like the way you respect my time, I never wait for service. Treatment times are fast. The atmosphere is very comfortable. Peter is very straight to the point, friendly and always explains what I need to know.

    — Charles

  • What causes back pain?

    The Psoas muscle

    The psoas is the most common cause of back pain.  Psoas attaches to 5 of your vertebrae - the bones in your spine.  The action of psoas is to bend you forwards.  When you bow, psoas is the main muscle that initiates the action.  A tight psoas will pull you forwards slightly, but the rest of your body will try to resist, pulling you back upright.  It is the muscles in your back which are constantly working to keep you upright that will be painful.  Most people do not feel pain in the psoas.

    The good news is that by relaxing psoas, the spine can return to its' normal position and your back muscles can have a rest - relieving your pain.  Most people find the pain is relieved immediately.

    Having a tight psoas can cause problems in other parts of your body.  The muscles compensating for psoas may cause neck and shoulder issues.  By relieving psoas usually these issues will resolve themselves as the compensating muscles relax.

    Other muscles can cause back pain also, but psoas is by far the most common - perhaps 90% of the people we treat for back pain have a psoas issue as the underlying cause.  It is often overlooked because it's rare to feel pain in the psoas itself, until we palpate the area!

    Psoas may also cause sciatica.  Some people have back pain and sciatica.  Click here for more details.

    What happens during a treatment?

    We will do some assessments with you to determine what is causing your issues.  We will then discuss the best way to address these issues which may include a combination of Bowen Therapy, Myopractic and Laser Therapy.  Most people notice an improvement from the very first treatment. We find it usually takes 3-6 treatments to completely resolve most issues.

    Our treatment techniques are fast, gentle and don't require you to endure significant pain.  It mostly takes about 15 minutes of painless treatment for you to notice a significant improvement.

    While back pain may result from the physical displacement or damaging of the vertebra (due to tight muscles), it is a mistake to believe that only surgery can address the problem.  Our motto is always "Treat the cause, not the symptoms".  By identifying the underlying cause of your pain, we can work together to resolve it as quickly as possible.

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