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Foggy Brain Assist

Foggy Brain Assist

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Contains remedies commonly used to reduce the symptoms of brain fog, which can include an inability to focus, confusion, difficulty putting your thoughts into words, trouble processing information, and feeling disorientated. Just to name a few.

Frequency of dose: Shake the bottle. Place approximately 5 drops in the mouth under the tongue. Take a dose once a day for the first 3 days.

STOP the remedy if you notice a marked improvement (So one dose may be enough), and then redose only when needed.

If brain fog symptoms do not resolve after 3 doses, stop and contact your practitioner for assistance.
Store your remedy bottle in a cool dry place away from light, heat, and electrical/digital appliance. Take your remedy half an hour either side of brushing your teeth or having strong flavours in your mouth. Likewise, avoid the use of substances with strong odours (eg. Perfumes, liniments, etc.) during treatment. All of these may neutralize the action of your  remedy.

Contains Cocculus indicus 34C, Natrum muriaticum 34C, Nux moshata 34C, Phosphorus 34C, Vanilla aromatic 34C in an ethanol solution

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