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Bambach Saddle Seat

Bambach Saddle Seat

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THE BAMBACH SADDLE SEAT is an ergonomic chair designed to promote the optimal seated posture in the human spine. We are manufacturers of the Bambach Saddle Seat - an ergonomic office seat and ergonomic desk chair. A person sitting on a Saddle Seat automatically assumes the position that produces least stress for muscles, ligaments and joints, thus relieving stress on the lumbar discs and spine because the pelvis is properly positioned and stabilised. The pelvis is central and critical to correct spinal position because of the way it is attached to the spine by muscles and ligaments. Its position actually controls the curvature of the spine, and this, in turn, is pivotal to how much stress is induced on the spine when someone is seated.

Additional Information

The Bambach Saddle Seat is comfortable, and it provides a wide range of adjustments to help the individual find the most natural, comfortable sitting position. With the Saddle Seat, feet are able to have floor contact, the weight of the legs can be taken through the feet and the feet used to mobilise the whole body, allowing easy movement around a workstation.

The Saddle Seat permits the pelvis to be held securely in its natural position so that, when leaning forward to work, the lean is from the hips and not the waist.

All Bambach Saddle Seats are covered by a 5 year warranty. 

The seats come in a range of different sizes, colours and fabrics.  They are also available with different height stems, castors to suit most floor types and a range of bases and height adjustment options.

Contact Us for more information.

How It Works

One of the best ways to help prevent back problems is to retain your spine's natural, stress-free 'S' shape. The shape of The Bambach Saddle Seat ensures your spine naturally keeps this 'S' shape as you sit, stretch or lean forward. 

Exactly how does it work? 

The position of your pelvis controls the curvature of your spine, because of the muscles and ligaments joining the two. Your spine's curvature is crucial in influencing how much stress it suffers when you are seated. When you sit on The Bambach Saddle Seat, your pelvis is properly positioned and stabilised, so you naturally and automatically assume the least stressful position for your muscles, ligaments and joints - and your spine maintains its stress-free shape too. 

Is it comfortable? 

The Bambach Saddle Seat is extremely comfortable, with a wide range of adjustments to help you find the most natural, comfortable sitting position. 
Your feet are on the floor, so they take the weight of your legs and can be used to manoeuvre the seat, for easy movement around a workstation. And when you lean or bend to work, it's comfortable from the hips, not awkward and painful from the waist.

  • Helps reduce neck, shoulder and back pain

  • Encourages upright posture

  • Assists in maintaining natural spinal curves

  • Helps prevent muscular skeletal disorders

  • Used in rehabilitation and industry 

These are the standard fabrics available.  Many more are available on request - see below.

Studio Encore fabrics are available for an extra $99 -

Geco Plush fabrics are available for an extra $149 -

Suede-FX fabrics are available for an extra $119 -

Leather is available in black only for an extra $599

Also available:  Swing arms, sheepskin or cloth covers, drafting foot rings, trunk supports,  recovering of existing seats, all spare parts.  Contact us for details.


"The seat has completely eliminated the lower back ache I was suffering. As well as this, I am really enjoying how it helps me to maintain a better posture." Kim Uildriks, The Computer Health Institute.  

"The Saddle Seat works very well for me when I am painting. No longer do I have to raise the easel up and down as the seat has a great range of height control." Pro Hart, Artist

"The Bambach Saddle Seat is a chair that has been uniquely designed to position the seated person so that spinal disc pressure is reduced and thus back pain is relieved." Sue Aldrich

"Due to recent diagnosis of Sciatica, I looked for a solution as my physio noted my poor sitting position. After a short time with the Saddle Seat my phsyio noted an improvement in posture and I noted a relief from the chronic pain associated with extended sitting. A short period of getting used to the seat is quickly forgotten with the pain release given from the seat itself. Thanks for a wonderful product."  Douglas Greening, CEO

" is the most comfortable seat I have ever used."  Steve Cummings, Lightplay Photography

"No more back pain or aching legs at the end of a long day. Mobility, adjustment and comfort make this the ideal chair for veterinarians. I love my Bambach Saddle Seat and know you'll love yours too."  Alice Noe-Nordberg, Concord Animal Hospital  

"It was my lucky day when I discovered you exhibiting your Bambach Saddle chair at the San Francisco Dental Meeting. I have suffered from neck and back pain for twenty years. The chair gave my body the opportunity to heal."  Michael S. Patner, General Dentistry

"I've found that along with keeping my lower back in a neutral position, I can also get closer to the patient during normal dental procedures" Dr Eugene T Santacci and Dr Noelle M Fanucci, Creative Dimentions in Dentistry  

"I have suffered with a bad back for three years and frequently had time off work to cope with my injury. As I sit for the majority of the day, I have found your 'saddle chair seat' invaluable. Not only does it make me sit straight but its castor wheels allow me the mobility I require to move around my work area." Denise Haanstro, Office Executive

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