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Balance (Pura Balance PPR Cream) is the dream cream you need. A perfect blend of bio-available Progesterone and Pregnenolone — the "mother of all hormones” — Balance has been formulated to be longer-lasting, with added peptides that strengthen your skin-reducing fine lines, while improving uneven textures. And that’s why we call it our dream cream. With a natural base of all non-GMO ingredients and high-quality progesterone and Pregnenolone, all you’ll feel is, well, balanced. 

Dr. Anna uses and recommends Balance as it:

  • Uses natural progesterone, identical to what your body produces

  • Balances hormones & mood, and strengthens bones

  • Aids your body’s response to stress

  • Works as an excellent anti-aging cream


Why is natural progesterone so great?  

Most synthetic progesterone-like products actually contain progestins, which are synthetic analogs of progesterone; progestins are far more powerful than the body’s own natural progesterone. Progestins can be metabolized into toxic by-products that may interfere with the body’s own natural progesterone, creating other hormone-related health problems and further exacerbating estrogen dominance.

Natural progesterone, on the other hand, is identical to the progesterone that is produced by the body. It is manufactured in scientific laboratories from organic yams (natural progesterone should not be confused with “yam extracts”).

Pregnenolone levels, like many health-promoting hormones, drop with age.  It is an important hormone for many aspects of health and aging well, including bone and brain health.



Massage 1 pump into soft skin areas including the face, neck, chest, inner-arms, and lower abdomen. Cycling? Use on days 12-28. Post-menopausal? Use on days 1-25.


We also sell this product in bulk quantities to resellers. Contact Us for more information.

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