Earthing Experiment

The purpose of this experiment is to see how cut flowers respond to earthing.  We chose cut flowers because they will show changes more quickly.  You can replicate this experiment at home with any flowers, pot plant, vegetables or fruit.  Depending on what you choose, changes may take longer than several days to become noticeable.

We took two types of flowers and placed them in two identical vases.  The water in the vase on the left was connected to earth via a grounding cable plugged into a normal electrical socket.  The vase on the right was not grounded.

Day 1

Day 2

No noticeable difference.

Day 3

No noticeable difference.

Day 4

No noticeable difference.

Day 5

The ungrounded flowers are beginning to look older than the grounded ones - but this can't be observed in the photo.

Day 6

The ungrounded daisy has deteriorated rapidly - the stem has bent and the flower is looking quite wilted.

There is a major difference in the water quality between the two vases - the grounded vase above looks clear and almost good enough to drink.  The ungrounded vase below is growing green algae and the leaves (which are still attached to the flower stalk) are beginning to rot. 

Day 7

The stem of the ungrounded daisy has given way entirely.

Day 8

The lily above is in the grounded vase - note the vibrant colours.  The lily below is in the ungrounded vase and even though it has not yet deteriorated completely, it has lost all it's colour and is beginning to wilt.

Day 9

The grounded flowers are still looking fresh and vibrant.  The ungrounded flowers would have been thrown away days ago.  They are completely wilted.  The grounded flowers began to wilt at day 10 and then deteriorated over the next few days.

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