My secret weapon to deal with brain fog

My secret weapon to deal with brain fog


Have any of these things happened to you?

  • You drive to pick up your children from school…and can’t remember how you got there?
  • You come into the kitchen to start getting dinner…and you notice the half filled dishwasher that you had started filling, and left, 3 hours ago?
  • You get to the grocer store to pick up a couple of items…and can’t remember what they are?
  • You meet you best friend for coffee…and can’t think of her name?
  • You ask your colleague for the 10th time how to run a new computer program. The simple instructions just won’t stay in your head?

These have all happened to me in the past. Frightening, scary, and upsetting...and thankfully, usually reversible!


Brain fog – What is it?

 It’s a cry from your body to tell you that something is very wrong. You might say that it’s a symptom of something more serious happening inside. “More serious than being unable to think clearly?” “Yes. More serious than being unable to think clearly!”

With brain fog you may find yourself confused, disorganised, unable to focus, have trouble putting your thoughts into words, have trouble processing information, feel disorientated at times, or even find your spatial awareness and balance affected.


It can be a short term thing that only happens now and then. It can also be on the other end of the scale where you live 24/7 walking through a misty world, where everything is an effort and nothing is 100% clear. It can develop slowly, or develop almost overnight after a mild illness, or after toxic exposure to something like having an x-ray or receiving a Fluvax.

You feel like telling people…“I’M NOT STUPID…I JUST HAVE BRAIN FOG!”

Brain fog is quite common. It affects thousands of people including children as well as adults. It contributes to school and work problems, and can cause intense frustration that can lead to delinquency and crime. Accidents at home and work can be partly due to brain fog, and relationships with yourself and others can suffer due to brain fog.


Brain Fog Triggers

 There are many different triggers, and for me it was my first pregnancy. “Nothing to get worried about, I told myself.”, and that was largely true…BUT… I got pregnant again…and I didn’t bounce back so well the second time! It was all downhill from there, and so slowly that I didn’t even realise how bad I was getting…

Diet – Sugars, dairy, grains, nuts, chemicals (and the list could be a lot longer here) can all create brain fog.

Sleep – So very important. Too much or too little can bring on the brain fog…and this includes sleep apnoea.

Heavy metals – Copper, Mercury, Aluminium, Cadmium, Lead. I think we all know the heavy toll these metals can have on the body. Brain fog is just one of the many symptoms experienced.

Insulin resistance and hypoglycaemia – can commonly cause brain fuel deprivation, resulting in feeling hungry, being sweaty, feeling weak, dizzy, shaky, anxious, cranky, confused…are you seeing brain fog in there? Food needed here, but my little secret weapon could also help you to bounce back faster.

Hormonal imbalance/Menopause – Throw brain fog in with hot flushes, lots of sweat, and an increased heart rate…what a lovely mix!

Adrenal fatigue/Thyroid – To keep this one simple…fatigue causes brain fog.

Leaky Gut – or intestinal permeability usually goes with an imbalance in your gut flora, which then leads to inflammation, which then leads to brain fog.

Allergies – In a nutshell, an allergic reaction to something causes inflammation, which causes swelling mainly in the sinus’/nose, which makes it difficult to sleep, the fatigue then causes brain fog…

Infections – cause inflammation. Chronic inflammation and oxidative stress leads to brain fog. One of the main infections that can cause brain fog is candida, and it is usually curable.

Toxins/Mold – 25% of the population are vulnerable to the effects of toxins and moulds. Mostly they have a genetic predisposition which inhibits them clearing the toxins out of their bodies. One of the prominent symptoms of this toxicity is brain fog.

Depression – Does depression cause brain fog…or brain fog cause depression?

Anxiety and chronic stress – Does anxiety and stress cause brain fog…or brain fog cause…well, you get the picture.

Drugs – Legal or otherwise – Read the side effects on the packet! Enough said!

Anaemia – an insufficient uptake of iron by the body. This results in tiredness, shortness of breath and/or dizziness. Even when corrected, the body can be left with brain fog.

Pregnancy – Chemicals released to nourish and protect your baby can bring on brain fog.

MS – affects your central nervous system by interrupting how your brain is able to direct the rest of your body. Brain fog is one of the many facets of MS.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Brain fog is just one of many facets found with CFS.

Chemotherapy – This can lead to ‘chemo brain’ (also known as brain fog), which often goes fairly quickly, but not always.

Lupus – About half the people with lupus have problems with memory, confusion, or have trouble concentrating. Brain fog!

BUT I’VE ALREADY TRIED changing my diet, drinking more water, getting more sleep, had blood tests to check hormone levels, howled at the full moon and tried aunt Bessie’s famous poultice… AND NOTHING HAS HELPED.



 Well it’s quite simple really. My secret weapon is homeopathy. The World Health Organisation states that Homeopathy is the second most used medical system in the world. You’ve never heard of it?  Well, I did call it my SECRET WEAPON!

To show how homeopathy can help your brain fog I have linked a couple of cases for you to read.

1.Brain fog with hypothyroidism treated with Homeopathy.

This story is about a young 30 yr old lady who came seeking help for brain fog. Her main concern was to cure the daily absolute blank states of mind that she was experiencing. They came with a feeling of being disconnected, confused, lacking clarity, lacking concentration and unable to focus with memory loss. She had become very depressed and frustrated. Her memory had become so bad that sometimes she would not even be able to remember her address. Her ability to work was in jeopardy as she couldn’t even do simple calculations correctly anymore.

Read the full story here:

Brain fog gone.

2.Brain fog from chronic fatigue syndrome with Homeopathy.

This story is about a young 33 yr old gentleman who searched and searched for any glimmer of hope that could help alleviate his chronic fatigue that he had experience for 15 years after a short but severe illness of what he thought was glandular fever and tonsillitis together.

Brain fog gone.


 If this still seems all too difficult to grasp, (and it certainly can if you have brain fog!) and you feel your brain fog isn’t ‘that bad anyway’, then try a remedy complex. For many people this can be the answer. BRAIN FOG ASSIST is a mix of 5 remedies, and comes in an easy to dispense dropper bottle with written instructions. If you have any questions about dosage, then drop me an email.   If after 3 doses there is no improvement, then you will need a more in depth look at your individual situation. With over 3000 remedies to choose from, there will be one for you.

To talk to a homeopath, click here.


PS. Please share this with friends and family who are dealing with brain fog.

Thank you.


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